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October 4, 2022

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How to Convince Your Boss Your Social Media Efforts Are Working

It requires patience and recurrent tries to convince your boss your social media efforts are working and bearing some fruit. Here's how to proceed!

Eldo Roshi

Eldo Roshi

How to Convince Your Boss Your Social Media Efforts Are Working

Brand marketers often encounter CEOs who don’t accept social media marketing. Their doubts are common, and social media marketing is challenging to calculate benefits and ROI immediately. Modern marketers, however, know how magical social media marketing can be.

In today’s era of social media platforms, brands that refuse to adapt to internet marketing fall behind because of the complications of traditional marketing. Such brands also face lower sale rates and often vanish with the advancements in social media marketing.

It requires patience and recurrent tries to convince your boss your social media efforts are working and bearing some fruit. There are a lot of tests and barriers to overcome while completing this journey.

Therefore, we have shortlisted a bunch of vital points you have to highlight.

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Assess Benefits Against Business Goals

The most crucial factor is to match the benefits of internet marketing with your company’s current goals. It will help you convince your boss in minutes or even seconds!

Learn what your boss is working on to achieve through the means of traditional marketing. Is it an increase in sales?

Do they desire improved customer relations? Or do they want to grow the brand speedily?

Learn about their goals and work on them through social media marketing. You can easily convince your boss by bringing visible outcomes and fulfilling their demands.

Show the Stats

If your boss prefers stats and case studies over mere words, then present them with a file filled with research papers and stats.

Show the Stats

It will help tremendously in convincing them that your efforts are paying off. In addition, you can also disclose the social media insights and performance to gain their trust.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have billions of active users, and brands have shown a notable increase in sales through marketing on such media.

Make It Time-Effective

Showing your boss how much time you save in social media marketing will help in convincing them. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing does not call for all-nighters and hours of work.

You can promote your brand by uploading a simple post on any social platform.

Now, you can increase sales and expand the brand within the convenience of the office or even your home!

All thanks to social media marketing.

Display Your Savings

Another way to convince your boss is to show how much money you could save by adopting social media marketing. It is no surprise that traditional marketing can be costly and time-demanding; however, internet marketing has proved cost-efficient.

You can also reach and newer audience, increase sales, expand the business, and whatnot by simply using your smartphone!

You can also suggest a mix of traditional and social media marketing if things do not seem to work out properly.

Demonstrate Real-Life Examples

A great way to attain the trust of your boss is to inspire them. You can do it by mentioning real-life examples of multi-dollar brands that succeeded by using social media.

Some prominent examples are Charles Schwab, Fujifilm, and Goodwill. In addition, there are plenty of other unknown companies that have advanced by using social media marketing.

It will create a spark of competence in your boss’s mind, and thus they will encourage you for your continuous and outstanding efforts.

Showcase Your Impact on the Trends

By doing so, there is no way that your boss will still question your efforts. We all know that social media plays a crucial role in regulating current trends.

Whether related to food, lifestyle, clothing, or games, social platforms always catch daily surfer’s attention. Do the same and market your products or services in a way that catches every user’s attention.

Showcase Your Impact on the Trends

It will eventually increase sales and help your brand expand and flourish tremendously.

This is where different marketing research software can come into play to help show the trends visually.

For instance, you can track every mouse click that leads to a new customer with session recording software.  Or, you can show every new lead that signed up in your email marketing software based on your social media posts.  

Showing these metrics will help illustrate your impact on the brand’s revenue. Thus, your boss will understand the ROI of social media.

Come Up With a Strategy

As the marketer of your company, you need to carefully plan out a workable strategy for your company’s social media. Businesses often think of social media as a free association, and however, it is not. There should be a legitimate pattern to update, engage, and connect with the audience. Create a strategy for your plans and goals. It is then more likely that the upper management will consider your opinion.

Make sure your goals are achievable and outline the journey to reach them. Your excellent and careful planning will eventually result in outstanding outcomes. It is another good way to convince your boss that your social media efforts are working.

Target the Right Audience

You can convince your boss that your social media efforts are working by showing an increase in audience. It will act as proof of your success in social media marketing.

Internet marketing allows customers to connect with the vendor and create a healthy bond. But you can never establish such a relationship with customers through traditional marketing.

Being an active brand in social media enables customers to give feedback and share their good and bad experiences. It allows the brand to learn from its mistakes and improve.

Explain this benefit of social media marketing to your boss, and they will cherish your efforts for sure!


To sum it up, you can convince your boss by showing the competitors’ progress. It will boost their motivation and act as a driving force.

Sharing success stories of others from the industry is also a great way to convince them. Gather your facts and statics, and they will eventually believe that having a social media presence adds up to the progress and sales of their brand.

However, be patient and give your boss some time to think. It requires thoughtful planning before making such a principal decision. Then eventually, you will be on your way to a challenging yet fascinating and profitable world of internet business websites.

the writer
Eldo Roshi

Eldo Roshi

Contributor @Iconosquare

Eldo Roshi is a Web Developer, Marketer, and blockchain enthusiast. Co-founder of a WordPress company that creates WordPress Theme and Plugins and provides tutorials, guides, and articles.


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