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10+ nationalities across 2 offices 💙

We are iconosquare
Avatar about us iconosquareWe are iconosquare
Avatar about us iconosquareWe are iconosquare
We are iconosquare
We are iconosquare

Discover our story

The first version of Iconosquare — known as Statigram at the time, was released in 2011 as a one-pager with just 10 Instagram metrics.

Fast forward to 2015, and there were 10 million registered users, with Statigram being ranked among the top 800 most-visited websites in the world.

But as Instagram grew, so did we.
In 2015, Statigram rebranded to Iconosquare.

With this change in direction, the company continued to evolve with the times, bringing us to where we are today: a strong team of 50 passionate people, providing powerful analytics, management and scheduling solutions to brands and agencies worldwide.

In 2022, our philosophy, our values and our dynamism seduced Wedia Group, who immediately wanted to add our powerful analysis, management and programming solution to its software offering, dedicated to brands and agencies throughout the world.

Today, we are proud to be part of Wedia Group, and we continue to work together every day to facilitate your daily work and offer you the services you really need.


Iconosquare inside Tripnity

Our Reason to Be (our Mission)

Innovation for the Planet. Inspiration for our Future.

Discover Tripnity

What does Tripnity bring to the world?

Tripnity is working towards an ecological and social transition. This digital company develops and supports impactful initiatives by offering up its know-how, skills, and financial resources. A practical way to act and inspire, with optimism and humility.

The 3 pillars of Tripnity’s governance.

Thanks to its three strong pillars — collective intelligence, non-violent communication, mindfulness — Tripnity aspires to contribute to protect the planet and all living things, while continuing to preserve what it holds dear: its human capital, its equity, and its diversity.

Tripnity’s Reason to Be and objectives.

In day-to-day life, all the important decisions are made with the help of participative governance and in accordance with its Reason To Be: "Innovation for the Planet, Inspiration for our Future". We have defined goals to put our RTB and various commitments into action; Tripnity’s mission is to pursue social and environmental objectives.

Meet the faces that
make up the iconoteam

Today, Iconosquare has 45+ full-time team members from 11 different countries. This dynamic, open-minded, and quirky bunch is scattered across two locations. 

The company headquarters are in charming Limoges, France and our second office is in lively Berlin, Germany.

We are iconosquare
We are iconosquare
We are iconosquare
We are iconosquareWe are iconosquare
We are iconosquareWe are iconosquareTick

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