Our Integrations

Connect your favorite apps with Iconosquare to optimize your workflow and boost your productivity.

Connect all of your favorite tools with Iconosquare


Automate your workflow by connecting Iconosquare to all your favorite tools with the help of Zapier.
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Adobe Express

Speed up your content creation process by accessing 1000s of free templates, and importing your designs directly from Adobe Express into the Iconosquare Scheduler.
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Bulk-upload your media from Dropbox directly into your Iconosquare Media Library.
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Use our OneDrive integration to speed up the process of uploading media to your Iconosquare Media Library.
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Set up Slack notifications via Zapier so that clients or colleagues get notified when there is a scheduled post waiting for their approval.
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You will soon be able to import your designs directly from Canva into the Iconosquare scheduler, for an even smoother content creation and scheduling process!
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Manage multiple social platforms in one place


Fine-tune your Instagram strategy with the most complete analytics suite on the market. Visually plan your feed and automatically publish your content, including Carousels, Stories and Reels. Measure the impact of your efforts with reports that are quick to set up, and easy to understand.
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Simplify the management of your Facebook pages, report on the performance of your posts, and measure how your reach is growing. Schedule your content, engage with your community, and keep an eye on what your competitors and your wider industry are doing.
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Build and maintain a strong presence on LinkedIn by scheduling regular content to your company page, at the times when you are likely the achieve the most engagement. Use concrete data to measure how well your marketing efforts on LinkedIn are paying off, and identify areas for improvement.
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Optimize your TikTok strategy with the help of automatic publishing and cross-posting to multiple channels at the same time. Generate reports within a few clicks, and reply to all of your comments in one place.
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Schedule tweets across all of your X (Twitter) profiles quickly and easily. Gain an understanding of how well your tweets are resonating with your audience and helping your brand to grow, and adjust your strategy accordingly.
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You will soon be able to access analytics for your YouTube channel, directly from your Iconosquare account, allowing you to optimize your video marketing strategy and measure the impact it is having on your overall marketing efforts.
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Pinterest is making its way to Iconosquare! You will soon be able to keep track of how your audience is engaging with your Pinterest content, whether your aim is to drive traffic or boost sales.
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Why use Iconosquare Integrations ?

Experience the power of connectivity and streamline your digital marketing efforts with our Iconosquare integrations. By integrating with industry-leading tools such as Zapier, Adobe Express, and soon Canva, Iconosquare enables you to automate tasks, enhance your content creation process, and store your valuable content securely. As you know, our platform also connects seamlessly with major social networks like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, X (and soon, YouTube and Pinterest too), allowing you to manage and grow your online presence with ease. With Iconosquare’s robust integrations, optimize your workflow, save time, and focus on what truly matters: achieving your digital marketing goals and driving success.

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