Iconosquare vs. Later: A Comprehensive Social Media Management Showdown

In search of a robust alternative to Later without stretching your budget? Iconosquare positions itself as not just affordable but also an astute choice for your social media management needs. Delve into the reasons more businesses are opting for Iconosquare, highlighting its effectiveness and value for money.

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Spoiler alert: There is no Iconosquare alternative. Here's why.

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Affordability with robust features

While Later offers a range of pricing plans, some essential features remain behind paywalls. Iconosquare provides a comprehensive suite at a cost-effective rate, ideal for teams who desire functionality without straining their budgets.

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Intuitive UI/UX vs. Mixed Reviews

Some users have found Later's interface a tad clunky. Iconosquare's design is built with user-friendliness at its core, ensuring both novices and social media veterans can navigate with ease.

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In-Depth Analytics

While Later does offer analytics, they might not be as comprehensive as some would like. In contrast, Iconosquare's analytics, especially for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, provide deeper insights, aiding businesses in crafting data-driven strategies.

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Flexibility and Customization

The ability to tailor your experience is paramount. While Later has its strengths, Iconosquare's customizable dashboard stands out, making it easier for users to manage and monitor multiple accounts seamlessly.




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From $21/month

Social platform supported

Free trial

All features opened for all plans

Analytics and reporting


Best time to post

Promoted posts analytics

Custom views / dashboards

Brand customizable reports

Campaigns performance

Gained and lost followers

IG Reels / Stories

FB Reels

IG/FB Posts engagement timeline

IG/FB Reach distribution (age and gender)

Channel / SP Group analytics

Data retention


1 year

Scheduling and publishing


Reminder for native publishing (for stickers, music, etc.)

Calendar view

Feed view

Alt text

AI Caption

AI Hashtag generator

Link in bio

Publishing recommendation

Saved captions & hashtags

Social media events calendar

First comment

Easy publishing on multiple social profiles or by channel/SP Group

Mentions in post

Promote an existing post



Approval workflows

Internal notes

Assign posts to team members



UGC monitoring


Industry benchmark

Trends inspiration

Community management




Direct messages

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We are here to answer to your questions.

Which is better: Iconosquare or Later?

Iconosquare sets itself apart from Later with its uncluttered, user-friendly interface, tailored dashboards, and in-depth analytics for Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and TikTok. In contrast to Later's interface, which some users might find less intuitive, Iconosquare's platform is designed for seamless navigation, accommodating both beginners and seasoned social media managers. The option for fully customizable dashboards ensures a workspace that molds to your distinct needs.

Moreover, our comprehensive and actionable analytics empower you to gain deep insights into your audience and the results of your campaigns. While Later has limitations in its analytics and challenges with direct video posting, Iconosquare's dedicated support team is always on hand, ready to help whenever required. This solidifies Iconosquare's position as the optimal choice for holistic and effective social media management.

What assistance does Iconosquare provide for its users?

Iconosquare is committed to delivering top-notch user support, supplemented by an abundance of educational resources. Our onboarding guidance, hands-on training sessions, and user-friendly interface are designed to simplify your integration. Shifting from another tool? Our goal is to ensure an effortless and intuitive transition, allowing you to manage your social media seamlessly.

Is it possible to try out Iconosquare before committing to a subscription?

Absolutely! Iconosquare offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore and evaluate our platform's features without any strings attached. Use this period to acquaint yourself with the benefits of choosing Iconosquare. Begin your trial journey today.