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January 2, 2024
January 2024

Report on your campaign performance in one click!

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Looking for a quick summary of the performance of one of your campaigns?

You can now export any campaigns that you're tracking under the Campaigns section, as a PDF report!

Your PDF report will provide you with a visual summary of the engagement and reach generated by the posts in your campaign, as well as highlighting the most successful posts within that campaign.

Find out more about Campaigns at the link below.

December 19, 2023
December 2023§

Our AI Caption Generator just got an upgrade!

AI-powered Tools

If you're a fan of our original AI Caption Generator, you're going to love the improvements we've just made to it!

Not only can you now generate a caption based on a URL, but you can also ask AI to adjust the tone of your caption so that it better suits the tone of voice of your brand.

With the help of AI, you can also rephrase your caption, translate your caption into different languages, and add relevant hashtags to help make sure your post is reaching the right audience.

December 5, 2023
December 2023

Manage content for multiple profiles at the same time with our new Group Calendar view


With our new Group Calendar view, you can manage content for groups of profiles with ease.

Maintain a global view of the content you have scheduled for your brand, or your client's brand, as a whole, without the need to switch between different calendars.

November 30, 2023
November 2023

Introducing AI Content Inspiration

AI-powered Tools

Our innovative new feature, AI Content Inspiration, helps you come up with fresh, new ideas for posts, carefully crafted for your social profile.

Perfect for those days when you're running low on inspiration for your social media content, AI Content Inspiration enables you to brainstorm new ideas quickly and easily. Once you're happy with the concept of a post, transform the idea into a draft post within the click of the button.

This new feature is guaranteed to save you heaps of time during your content-creation process!

November 21, 2023
November 2023

Schedule Your Instagram Collab Posts for Automatic Publishing


You can now collaborate with other Instagram accounts from the comfort of your Iconosquare account.

Invite other Business, Creator, or Personal accounts to co-author your posts. Your Collab Post will then be published automatically at the date and time you select.

Implement Collaboration posts into your strategy today to benefit from a wider reach and increased engagement on your posts!