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November 8, 2021

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Iconosquare: Major Updates in 2021

Iconosquare aims at providing experienced social media marketers with actionable insights. Find out about the main releases in 2021 and how they can benefit you

Jonas Couffignal

Jonas Couffignal

Iconosquare: Major Updates in 2021

2020 was a year like no other. A direct consequence of a worldwide lockdown is that people spent more time on social media than ever before. 2020 saw the rise of TikTok, followed by the booming arrival then descent of Clubhouse adoption.

That's my summary of social media trends over the past 18 months!

I'm going to try to be just as concise for this recap of Iconosquare's product development in 2021.

Just kidding.

Still, here is a TL;DR.

Iconosquare aims at providing experienced social media marketers with actionable insights. Automated reporting features and an advanced content scheduler are the core functionalities that we keep on improving.

New LinkedIn Integration:

Iconosquare now integrates with LinkedIn, on top of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And big news: a TikTok integration is planned for the end of this year too. Stay tuned!

Custom Dashboard: 

Managing multiple accounts? But want to have all the data displayed on a single dashboard? Iconosquare’s users are now able to combine multiple social media platforms within the same dashboard. Reporting has never been easier.

LinkedIn now available on Iconosquare

Why a LinkedIn integration?

Because our users asked for it.

Brands used to see LinkedIn as the HR platform to spot young talent and attract potential new recruits. Still true. But LinkedIn has also evolved towards more interactions in the feed. A bit like the other social media platforms we integrate, but with less kittens and gifs.

This movement has opened up room for influencers and brands to better communicate and engage with communities of professionals. Content updates include Stories (born and killed one year later) and polls (that are becoming obviously privileged by the algorithm). 

LinkedIn displays a lot of statistics natively. Isn’t that enough?

Professional social media marketers already know where to find insights concerning the LinkedIn page they manage. No doubt about it.

But each platform, be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, has its own way of displaying those insights, meaning you have to jump through multiple, diverse hoops to get to the info you're searching for. That aspect can be tiresome. Iconosquare makes it easy to access all data in one place, with the same format.

And we have gone further.

Iconosquare provides data that LinkedIn doesn’t

To put it simply, LinkedIn doesn’t calculate the evolution for various insights based on a custom time period, whereas Iconosquare allows its users to choose a specific timeframe, and will automatically update the evolution of selected KPIs. 

Calculating percentage is no longer a headache. We do the job. You save time.

There are also limitations regarding the data itself on LinkedIn pages. Insights about your community of followers are only provided for the previous 30 days. Also, have you ever wondered how many followers your LinkedIn page loses?

LinkedIn doesn’t get you the answer. But we do.

For even more details on the difference between LinkedIn insights and what the Iconosquare integration provides, watch this 15-minute explainer. 

Find out more on how to start by reading our FAQ!

Custom dashboard: when you want to display the data in your own way

Automated social media reporting is the most used and appreciated feature that Iconosquare provides. No complex configuration is needed. It’s a 3-step process, that takes 10 minutes to set up, and that stays automated for the rest of the year.

3 steps to automate your custom social media reports

  • Step 1: Create a dashboard (2 clicks)
  • Step 2: Drag and drop the insights for the social profile of your choice. Save it.
  • Step 3: Create a report. Select your dashboard. Choose who receives it and when. 

Stick to these 3 steps. A whole new world of simplicity is ahead. 

And a little bit of help from our video tutorials

Not too sure how to perform these 3 steps? Head over to our YouTube channel and find explanatory video tutorials.

Our YouTube channel shows in a very comprehensive way how to get the most out of your Iconosquare account:

What’s next?

Take action, friend!

If you haven’t got one, go create your Iconosquare account. It’s free for 14 days.

Already have an account and read this blog post until the end? We love you even more.

You’re so close to getting your social media reports automatically sent - in .pdf or .csv - with the insights of your choice and the ability to combine stats from different social profiles. 

Think of all the time you’ll save. 

But before that, add LinkedIn to your Iconosquare account and go create your first automated custom dashboard!

the writer
Jonas Couffignal

Jonas Couffignal

Head of Growth @Iconosquare

Jonas is the friendly guy that will try his best to help you anytime. He tends to believe he's got skills about social media and design, but is often reminded he should focus on SaaS strategies.


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