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December 21, 2023

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Social Media Calendar 2024: Skyrocket Your Social Media Strategy

Optimize your content planning with our social media calendar, featuring 200+ events for year-round inspiration. Access our free quarterly calendar now!

Marie Kelchlin

Marie Kelchlin

Social Media Calendar 2024: Skyrocket Your Social Media Strategy

In 2024, maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence is key to success. As a content creator, you're well aware of the challenges that come with juggling various platforms, brands, and audience preferences. 

This is where a social media calendar becomes your secret weapon, offering a structured approach to your content strategy that goes beyond mere convenience. 

In this article, we will give you all the events you can use to enhance your content creation approach, turning your ideas into a well-orchestrated online success story. 

Get ready to get inspired, streamline your efforts, boost engagement, and watch your content creation journey flourish! 

Iconosquare 2024 social media calendar banner

For the fifth consecutive year, we are offering our quarterly social media calendar, always in an editable and exportable format, available on Notion and Google Calendar. 

But this year, we have an exciting addition – we're providing you with 100% of the events in our article below, enabling you to plan a full year of content in your social media scheduler!

(If you're already an Iconosquare user, you can find all these events in your Iconosquare scheduler!)

In the upcoming year, you can anticipate over 200 events that will serve as a significant source for content creation and provide topics to captivate your audience through specific hashtags. Let’s dive in!

January 2024 social media events on a calendar format

January 2024

January, 1st : New Year's day 🥂

08th: Clean off your desk day

15th: Blue Monday 💙

16th: International day of spicy food 🌶

18th: Get to know your customer day

22nd: Community Managers' day

27th: International Chocolate cake day 🍫

28th: International Lego day

February 2024 social media events on a calendar format

February 2024

February, 4th : Cancer day

4th: Facebook Birthday

6th: World day without phone 📱

10th: Chinese New Year

14th: Valentine's Day 💘

18th: Social media world conference in San Diego

22nd: World thinking day 🧠

March 2024 social media events on a calendar format

March 2024

March, 1st : World compliment day 🤗

8th: International women's day

10th: International day of awesomeness

17th: St. Patrick's day 🍀

And world sleep day

18th: World recycling day ♻️

19th: Spring 🌸

22nd: World water day

April 2024

April, 1st : Easter Monday and April fool’s 🐰

2nd: World autism awareness day

7th: World health day 

11th: National pet day 🐴

18th: World heritage day

21st: World creativity and innovation day 💡

23rd: World book night 

And World book and copyright day 📚

29th: International dance day 

30th: International Jazz day 🎷

May 2024

May, 1st : International workers' day 💪

3rd: World press freedom day

4th: Star Wars day 🪐

5th:World laughter day

6th: International no diet day

12th: International nurses day 👩🏽‍⚕️

15th: International day of families

17th: International day against homophobia & transphobia

And world information society day

18th: International museum day 🖼

21st: World day for cultural diversity for dialogue & development

25th: Geek pride 🎮

31st: World no tobacco day

June 2024

June, 1st: International children's day 

3rd: World Bicycle day 🚲 

5th: World environment day

8th: World oceans day 🌊

15th: Global wind day

21st: Summer Solstice ☀️ 

International surfing day

And international day of yoga

26th: Forgiveness day 🙌🏼

July 2024

July, 1st: International joke day 🤡

And international tartan day

6th: World kiss day 💋

10th: World population day 

14th: Bastille day (French national day)

16th: World snake day 

17th: National emoji day 😊

30th: International friendship day

August 2024

August, 1st: World breastfeeding week

2nd: International beer day 🍻

8th: World cat day

9th: International day of the world's indigenous people

And book lover's day 📕

15th: Relaxation day

19th: World photography day 📸

26th: International dog day

31st: World blog day 💻

September 2024 

September, 1st: World letter writing day  📝

5th: International day of charity

8th: International literacy day

13th: World programmers & developers day 💻

And positive thinking day

21st & 22nd: European Heritage Days 🇪🇺

22nd: Autumn 🍂

27th: World tourism day 

October 2024

October, 1st: Pink October 🎀

International coffee day

International music day 🎶

International vegetarian day

4th: World animal day 🐾

5th:World teachers' day

10th: World mental health day 🌈

16th: World food day

24th: United nations day

25th: World pasta day

31st: Halloween 🎃

November 2024 

November, 1st: Anti-tobacco month

Movember 🥸

And world vegan day

8th: World gift day

10th: World science day for peace & development 🔬

11th: International singles day 👨🏻‍💼

13th: World kindness day

17th: World peace day 🌅

18th: World video game day

19th:International men's day

29th: Black Friday 🛒

December 2024

December, 1st: Start of Advent Calendar ☃️

2nd: Cyber Monday

5th: International volunteer day

8th: World Climate Day 🌍

10th: Human rights day

13th: International Raclette Day 🧀

17th: National maple syrup day

21st: Winter

25th: Christmas 🎄

31st: New Year's Eve 🥂

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Iconosquare 2024 social media calendar on Notion, toolkit for content creators

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Marie Kelchlin

Marie Kelchlin

Content Manager @Iconosquare

Marie Kelchlin is specialized in digital content creation. After starting out as a social media freelancer, she joined Iconosquare over three years ago as Social Media Manager for the management of their international social media. Based in Berlin, she has now evolved to Content Manager and is in charge of all the digital content offered by one of the pioneering Social Media Management solutions. 


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