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October 3, 2022

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The 2022 Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know

In this article we explore the Facebook news feed algorithm, how it works in 2022, its most significant changes and how you can get around it!

Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies

The 2022 Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know

The 2022 Facebook News Feed Algorithm: Everything You Need to Know

With over 2.9 billion users, Facebook remains the number one platform for consumers and a critical aspect of your social media marketing strategy. However, the Facebook algorithm is in a continued state of flux. This makes creating a solid presence on the platform a challenge for your company.

If you are wondering how to improve your company’s organic reach or help your Ad campaigns perform better, you need to learn how to signal the Facebook news feed algorithm.

In this article, we explore the Facebook news feed algorithm, how it works in 2022, its most significant changes, and how you can get around it to achieve your bottom line.

What Is the Facebook Algorithm?

The Facebook News Feed algorithm is an artificial intelligence software that determines which posts to display on the user’s news feed and in what order they show up.

The algorithm assesses every Facebook post, scores them, then arranges the content pieces in a non-chronological order according to the user’s interests. This happens each time users refresh their Facebook news feed.  The Facebook algorithm ensures the post they think a user would enjoy or prefer appears at the top of their feed.

But what does the Facebook algorithm mean to your business?

In 2018, the Facebook Chief Executive Officer stated that one of the platform's most significant focuses is ensuring the time users spend on Facebook is well spent. This implies that you should be thoughtful about your published content to build meaningful interactions. 

How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2022

In 2022, Facebook improved its algorithm to show users the most informative and meaningful content and minimize the chances of people leaving the platform. The algorithm has been exploiting users' past interactions and behaviors to determine the type of content and formats that do not appeal to them anymore.

To ensure Facebook users only get relevant information, news, and updates they are interested in, the Facebook news feed algorithm exploits the following ranking factors.

The 4 Facebook Algorithm Ranking Factors

  1. Inventory. Inventory refers to all the content found on the platform. It is any stock displayed to a user on their feed. This includes posts from family, close friends, Facebook pages they have liked, and any groups a user may have joined.
  2. Signals. Of the four facebook algorithm ranking factors, signals are the sole aspects you have control over. This is because they tell the Facebook algorithm what your post is about. Signals are divided into two categories: active and passive signals.
  •  Active signals. These are actions that encourage engagement. They include likes, comments, replies, and shares.
  • Passive signals. These are non-active metrics: those that users cannot click. They include the posting time, view time, and story type.

Here are the most significant ranking signals in 2022:

  • Relationships. The Facebook algorithm checks whether posts come from business pages, personal profiles, news sources, and influencers and how much a user engages with them.
  • Content type. Which kind of content do most users prefer? The content types entail the intention, the time spent on each piece, and the format: story, carousel, link, video, and image.
  • Popularity. How do other users engage with your posts? Do they ignore or react to it? For example, if part of your audience speaks a different language, such as Korean or French or Spanish, it would be beneficial to learn and publish content in their native language to boost engagement. 
  • Recency. What time a post was posted, the current time, and the internet connection?
  1. Predictions. Predictions represent the user’s behavior and how they will likely interact or react to a specific post. The Facebook news feed algorithm considers what a user has been searching online, and the posts they have been responding to display the content they may be interested in.
  2. Facebook Relevance Score. Each post on Facebook is assigned a score depending on the likelihood that users will react positively. This score is different for every user. The higher the Facebook relevance score, the higher the chances that the post will be displayed at the top of the user's feed.

The Most Important Changes to the Facebook Algorithm for 2022

Machine Learning and Improved AI algorithms

The Facebook algorithm is getting smarter in 2022. Based on the lessons from its previous mistakes, this multi-layer machine learning algorithm is now making more precise decisions.

For instance, the platform has introduced a feature: the Feed Filter Bar, that gives users more control over what is displayed on their News Feed. With these changes, Facebook gives users more value for their time on the platform.

Original Sources will be Prioritized

Facebook will now prioritize posts from original sources to provide users with valuable content. This means that users or brands that post authentic, unique, and original content will rank on the target audience’s News Feed.

The Emphasis on High-quality Content Remains

Content that sparks conversations among users will continue to be a priority on Facebook. Posts that attract long comments are a Facebook News Feed algorithm’s favorites. However, avoid posting fake news, misinformation, and borderline content to attract long comments.

Facebook content should be accurate and authentic.

Preference for Reactions over Likes

Facebook will continue prioritizing anger, sadness, care, and heart reactions over likes. Users often care about posts they react to rather than those they like, so the Facebook algorithm will likely display this content type more prominently on the feed.  

Tips for Working With the Facebook Algorithm

Working around the Facebook News Feed algorithm may seem daunting, thanks to the many changes and updates, but it is not impossible.  Read on for four tips to build your presence on Facebook and boost engagement and make more money for your business.

Understand the Content your Target Audience wants to See

As earlier established, Facebook prioritizes informative and meaningful content. Informative content is information your audience may find interesting or new. Meaningful content entails stories your audience may be inclined to share with family and friends.

To ensure you publish meaningful and informative content, conduct in-depth research on your target customers. What are their needs, interests, behaviors, challenges, and pain points?

By understanding your target audience, you can create high-quality content that resonates with them, improving your position on the Facebook News Feed.

Post Frequently

It is not enough to attract your target audience to your Facebook profile or page. You should give them a reason to keep coming back by publishing content regularly. For instance, you could post at least five times a week.

To ensure consistency, create a content calendar, pick one day every two weeks when you can create at least ten posts, then schedule them. This gives you sufficient time to plan, schedule, and complete your content creation and publishing in advance.

Additionally, choose the right time to post your content on Facebook. Again, research your target audience and determine the time they are often online, then publish your posts. Timing your posts enables you to receive maximum engagement, and as earlier established, engagement is a critical Facebook algorithm ranking factor.

Incorporate Video into your Content Strategy

An effective way to attract users to your Facebook page and keep them glued to your content is by posting video content instead of solely focusing on written posts. According to a Facebook report, video content promotes more interactions and drives higher engagement than other content types on the platform.

Be sure to leverage Facebook Live to create real-time, high-quality content for your audience. Live videos are an effective strategy to humanize your brand and respond to customer queries.

Verify your Facebook Page

Securing the Facebook seal of approval is an excellent trick to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm. A seal establishes your Facebook page as authentic and proves you have a professional image. This enables your posts to rank, especially among competitive or similar content.


Understanding the Facebook News Feed algorithm is critical to marketing your company on the world’s largest social media platform.

The Facebook algorithm determines what posts your audience sees on their feed based on their interactions and behaviors. The algorithm considers inventory, signals, predictions, and the Facebook relevance score to decide what posts rank high in 2022.

Understand the type of content your audience wants to see, post frequently, incorporate video into your content strategy, and verify your page to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm. 

the writer
Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies

Contributor @Iconosquare

Worked on large scale enterprise projects and built compliance teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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