With a team of just 6, managing the social media of their clients would be tricky if it weren't for these tools



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How social media agency, Mondays, uses Iconosquare to improve organization and efficiency

With a team of just 6, managing the social media of their clients would be tricky if it weren't for these tools


For the team at Mondays, every day is different. As a team of just 6 people, they manage the social media accounts for over 40 brands across a multitude of industries like real estate, education and specialist chocolate shops. Organisation and planning are key to their success and tools like Iconosquare help them to run like a well oiled machine and achieve results.


Creating and managing content for so many brands presents multiple challenges. Each brand has a unique target audience that responds to posts at different times so creating fresh content and managing the posting schedule for this whilst building communities and growing engagement is a challenge.

Mondays’ clients expect them to provide a consistent posting schedule - something that can encroach on their personal lives if posts need to go live after work hours or during the weekend. Without a tool that streamlines posting content, they were also using a complicated system to import images and captions onto their cellphones then set personal reminders to post at the right times leaving lots of room for human error.

Mondays realised they needed a tool to improve organisation and efficiency. Their ideal tool would be:

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Would let them plan and schedule content in advance
  • Still maintained a good price-quality ratio


A quick google search was all it took for the team to find Iconosquare and realise that it fulfilled all of these requirements. The Instagram scheduler with automatic posting won the team over as it really sped up their processes without requiring a lengthy set up. It allows the team to publish not only regular image posts but carousels and Stories in advance. The added value from the advanced analytics was a bonus, allowing the team to optimize content and posting times to deliver better results for clients.


With the ability to now plan and schedule content in advance, the team saw an instant improvement to their time management and organisation. Their clients appreciate their ability to deliver content at any time without incurring extra costs for posts outside of work hours and Mondays enjoy not having the stress of worrying about missed posting reminders while they’re out and about!


The insights from the analytics part of the platform has resulted in improved performance across engagement, reach and follower numbers for each brand - all without increasing the time required to do so!

Evolution of the numbers subscribers
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Iconosquare has really streamlined and improved the service and value Mondays can deliver to their clients. The team loves using the platform and as Karen Suard, Social Media Manager at Mondays says “Iconosquare has met and meets our expectations on a daily basis.”

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