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September 13, 2022

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18 Effective Tweet Ideas to Post on Twitter

As a SMM or a brand, you need to be efficient and active on every social media platform. Here are some tips and tricks to help you grow your Twitter following.



18 Effective Tweet Ideas to Post on Twitter

There is no question that Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to connect with your target audience. And with over 290 million monthly active users, if you don’t have a solid presence on the platform, you are missing out on the opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales. The good news is that there are different tweet ideas to help you create posts that keep your audience engaged. 

So in this article, we’ll look at 18 effective tweet ideas with examples of what and how to post on Twitter. We will also look at how you can create a Twitter content calendar. 

Let’s get started.

1. Brand announcements

Twitter is an appropriate platform to share news and updates related to your brand. Do you have an upcoming launch? Or did you add exciting new features to your product? Let your audience know via a Twitter post. And when done right, brand announcements offer you an opportunity to increase customer engagement. 

But you need to take a creative approach when sharing announcements. Not only do you want to educate your audience, you also want to excite them enough to engage with the post. For example, Target used bold images to announce Joy Cho’s new pet collection. 


In another example, Starbucks uses emojis and a cool image in their post announcing a new coffee flavor. They even created a branded campaign hashtag to help create buzz and increase the reach of the post. 

2. Blog content

If you are looking for a proven tactic to direct traffic to your website, Twitter is a great place to share blog posts. But to direct significant traffic to the post, you need to do more than share the URL to the blog post on Twitter. 

Here are some tips to help you effectively share blog content on Twitter.

#1: Tweet about the blog content more than once

When you tweet, not all of your followers will see the post at once. Tweeting about the blog post multiple times will increase the number of eyes that see the content. It's also best practice to create multiple variations of the same tweet as you don't want your timeline to be filled with the same content. 

Here is an example of Buffer tweeting about the same blog post two times. 

Buffer used different tweet copies and images when sharing the tweet. 

#2: Use emojis and white space

Including emojis and white space in your tweets can help it stand out amongst the sea of content on Twitter. A good example is this Tweet from Tony Vincent. He creatively uses emojis as bullet points.

#3: Mention people you include in the post

This is a simple tactic you can use to promote your tweet. If you mention someone popular in your blog post, tag them in the tweet. Most times, they will retweet the post and share it with their audience. 

3. Ask questions

Asking open-ended questions on Twitter is a quick way to increase audience engagement and connect with your followers. You can ask questions directly on Twitter posts or you can host a live questions and answer session. 

There are several creative ways you can ask questions on social media. For example, you can use fun fill-in-the-gap question prompts. 

Or you can ask questions related to your brand. 

Or simple questions that can get conversations started. 

And when your audience responds to your questions, ensure that you reply as soon as possible. Why? 79% of customers expect a response from brands within 24 hours. 

4. Trending topics

Twitter’s algorithm promotes tweets on trending topics to increase its reach and visibility. So you can create more awareness for your brand by jumping on these topics. But make sure that you are only commenting on a trending topic if you are knowledgeable on the subject matter and that it is relevant to your brand. 

During the 2022 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, a lot of people tweeted about the event and WWDC became a trending topic. YouTube tech reviewer @MKBHD tweeted his thoughts before the event and because it was a trending topic, the tweet had over 9k likes and retweets. 

You can find trending topics in the home timeline, profile pages, notifications, and search results when signed in to on a laptop or desktop. On the mobile app, you will find trending topics in the Explore tab under the Trends section.  

5. Products and services

You can use your tweets to promote your products or services. You can share a photo of your product, tweet about the features of a new product, or explain the pain points your product or service solves.

Tip: You shouldn't bombard your audience with only promotional tweets. Mix it up by discussing other topics that your audience will find relevant and useful. 

6. Industry news

Educate your audience by sharing interesting and important news in your industry. For instance, you can share an article about major changes in your industry, such as the Social Media Today example below.

But before you share any news, make sure that you confirm it from a reputable source. You don't want to spread fake news as this can affect your brand’s reputation. 

7. Events

If you will be hosting or participating in any event, tweet about it. Explain what the event is about and highlight the benefits of attending.

And if you want to generate conversations around the event, you can live-tweet about it to your audience. This is a great way to engage with followers that couldn't attend the event. 

You should also create an event hashtag so your Twitter followers and attendees can easily find the conversations surrounding the event. 

8. Testimonials and reviews

Sharing testimonials and reviews are a great way to increase trust and build credibility with your followers. If you want to drive sales via Twitter, sharing testimonials and reviews will help increase customers' confidence in your brand while resolving any objections or doubts they might have about your products. Studies even show that using testimonials in your marketing can increase revenue by 62%

Saatva regularly tweets about testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers. 

When you can, share video testimonials because they are very effective in persuading prospective customers still on the fence. In fact, 77% of people say video testimonials have played a role in convincing them when making purchase decisions. 

9. Motivational quotes

On social media, images with motivational quotes tend to go viral. That is the reason why brands usually share tweets with hashtags like #MotivationalMonday or #FridayNuggets. 

But for this strategy to be effective, you should share motivational or inspirational quotes related to your brand. For example, if you are a fitness brand, you can share quotes that encourage your audience to stay fit. 


10. Polls

Twitter Polls is the easiest way to get feedback or opinions from your audience. Maybe you want to launch a new product and want feedback from your audience, just run a quick poll to learn about their thoughts. You can also use Twitter Polls to find out the features your audience would like to see in the product. 

Skims polled their audience to find out when they were wearing their perforated seamless outfits. 

11. Visual expressions 

Visual expressions like gifs, memes, stickers, and emoticons are very effective in helping brands connect and engage with their audience – especially younger audiences like millennials and Gen Z. In fact, a survey commissioned by Tenor showed that 36% of millennials who use visual expressions say that these visuals paint a clearer picture than words. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn't go overboard when using visual expressions like emojis and stickers so as not to distract your audience from the message of your tweet. But sometimes you can just decide to have fun with your tweets. Like this creative use of a meme from Seamless.

12. Visual content

This can include anything from infographics, photography, and branded graphics. Visual content is great for quickly capturing the attention of your audience while they are scrolling through their feed.  

13. Job openings

Today, job seekers rely on social media platforms to search for job opportunities. So posting your job openings on Twitter will help increase its visibility to potential candidates. 

Since Twitter only allows 280 characters in a tweet, only include the necessary details about the job and how to apply. Include the job title, location of the role, a link to the full job description, and a clear call to action. 

You can also add hashtags like #Hiring, #Jobs, or #ParisJobs to increase the reach of the post. 

14. Upcoming launches

You can use your tweets to tease an upcoming launch of a product. Share images teasing how the product will look like, hints on what features will be included in the product, or give a timeline of when it will be released. Using any of these strategies will help increase the conversations and anticipation for the new product. 

15. Behind-the-scenes

Sharing behind-the-scenes content of your brand is a great way to connect with your audience. Customers like to know more about their favorite brands and showing behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business processes and company culture is an effective way to enhance the consumer experience. 

16. Tips

A great way to build your brand authority on social media is by educating your audience. You can start by sharing tips related to your niche. For example, Jeremy Moser, CEO of uSERP regularly shares tips on Twitter to help marketers increase their productivity

17. Holiday posts

Sharing holiday posts during the holiday season is a great way to connect with your Twitter audience. 

Even from a marketing standpoint, major holidays are a good time to drive sales to your business. And since emotions play a key role in affecting customers' purchase decisions, appealing to them with a well-crafted holiday promotion post is a great way to get them to make purchases. 

The only caveat is that users won't engage with your holiday posts if it doesn't have stunning visuals, a well-placed image, and a captivating call-to-action. So take your time to create creative holiday posts that captivate your audience's attention. 

18. Offers and freebies

Tweeting about freebies and offers like promo codes, coupons, and flash sales is a great way to increase engagement with your audience. 

See this tweet from JCPenney offering their customers $10 off during a holiday sale. 

How to create a Twitter content calendar

We’ve seen different tweet ideas to help improve your Twitter content efforts. But to ensure that you maintain a well-rounded Twitter profile, you need to make sure that you are effectively diversifying your tweets. You don’t want to be sharing the same type of tweets everyday as your audience might get bored and stop interacting enthusiastically. 

We recommend that you create a content calendar so you can have a clear picture of what to tweet weeks in advance. Also, schedule your tweets in advance because you will be posting multiple times a day (Studies from multiple brands suggest that you should tweet multiple times a day for maximum engagement). You don’t want to spend all day tweeting. 

Instead, use a tool like Iconosquare to manage your Twitter content and automate your tweets. You can even submit tweets so your colleagues or clients can leave feedback, approve, or reject the planned tweets before they are published. 

Start a 14-day free trial.

Start sharing on Twitter now

Twitter offers brands a lot of opportunities for nurturing relationships with their target audience, as well as converting them into loyal customers. Start creating some amazing tweets with the ideas in this post. You can then use Iconosqaure’s analytics tool to see how effective your tweets are in helping you reach your marketing objectives.  

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