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August 18, 2022

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A Simple Guide to Using TikTok Sounds

Having great content is the key to success. Your audio is as important, if not more, as your visual content. Learn how to be effective with it in this article!



A Simple Guide to Using TikTok Sounds

Sounds are the backbone of TikTok. From popular songs, lip-syncing, dance challenges to viral sound effects, sounds are a key part of TikTok videos.

Sounds add spice and creativity to videos. They can also be used strategically to grow a TikTok account.


Adding a trending TikTok sound to your videos increases the chances of it going viral and appearing on the For You page. A single viral video can translate into thousands of followers.

Using TikTok sounds is an effective way to grow your brand on TikTok.

In this article, you will learn how to use TikTok sounds.

Let’s get started.

What are TikTok Sounds?

Every video on TikTok is accompanied by a sound. These sounds can either be from the TikTok Sound Library or an Original Audio from the creator of the video.

When scrolling through the For You page, you might notice that a particular sound is used by several creators. This is because the sound has gone viral.

An example of a sound that exploded on TikTok was Savage Love by Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685. At the time of writing, the sound has been used in 6.3 million videos.

Some artists have also gotten famous after their music went viral on TikTok. A good example is Lil Nas X. His song titled “Old Town Road” got viral on the platform and has now gone on to be the most certified song in music history.

Musicians are not the only ones creating viral sounds on TikTok. Brands and businesses are also taking advantage of sounds.

One brand that has effectively used TikTok sounds is Chipotle.

On National Avocado Day, Chipotle posted a video referencing the popular Guacamole song by Dr. Jean.  The video showed someone dancing to the song. They added the hashtag #GuacDance in the video caption.

The song was very catchy and got viral on TikTok.

It sparked the #GuacDance challenge. In a week, the hashtag accompanying the sound became the highest performing branded challenge on the platform.

How to use TikTok sounds

There are 3 ways you can choose which TikTok sound to use in your video. You can browse through the TikTok Sound Library, save a sound from another video, or create your own.

Let’s see how all three works below:

Using TikTok Sound Library

There are a ton of sounds available in the TikTok Sound Library. All the sounds in the library are available to all users.

The library is organized by trends, genre, playlist, and much more. There is a “For You” section where you can find sounds tailored to your preferences.

To get access to the Sound Library, click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the home screen.

After clicking on the “+” icon, you will be redirected to a new page. Tap on “Sounds” at the top of the page.  

You can also search for Sounds on the Discover Page. Just type the song you want to use in the search bar and go to “SOUNDS” at the top of the results.

Without even using the search bar, you can also find trending sounds by scrolling through the Discover Page.

The songs that trend on the platform change regularly. The algorithm determines which sounds trend by using factors such as video shares, saves, plays, and users’ behavior. Using a trending sound increases the visibility of your videos and the chances of you appearing on the For You page.

Using the For You Page

If you come across a video with a song or sound you like on the For You page, you can use the sound by simply tapping on it.

You’ll be redirected to the audio page. On this page, you can tap “Use this sound” if you want to start filming immediately. You can also tap “Add to Favorites” so you can save the sound for later.

How to add sounds to your existing videos

You can also add sounds to existing videos on TikTok.

If you are creating a TikTok using videos from your camera roll, you can upload the video directly to TikTok with its own audio or you can add a sound from the Sound Library.

To upload your video from the camera roll, tap on the “+” icon. Next, tap on “Sounds” in the bottom left corner of the screen.

After tapping on “Sounds”, you will be redirected to the Sound Library. You will find a list of recommended songs based on the type of video you want to upload. You will also see some of the trending songs on the platform at that moment.

You can scroll down the page to see more options. You can choose from viral songs, playlists, trending sounds, new music, and much more. You can also tap on “Favorites” to choose a song you’ve saved before.

After selecting your song, click and adjust the soundwaves on the screen to select which part of the song you want to play in the video.

Next, tap the checkmark after you select where you want the sound to start from.

After you have selected the sound, you can go ahead to edit the rest of the video before uploading.

How to add Sounds to new TikTok videos

You can shoot content and add music to the video in real-time. This will allow the sound to guide you as you create the video.

Most challenges will require you matching with the sound you are using. This how you will do it:

First, tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen to start filming.

Then tap on “Sounds” at the top of the screen. In the Sound Library, click on the sound of your choice to select it.

Next, start recording your video. As you record the video, the sound you choose will play as you film.

How to create original TikTok Sounds

Original Sounds are created by TikTokers themselves. They can range from voiceovers to people singing in their videos.

Original Sounds can also trend and show up in recommended categories on the Discover Page.

One thing to note is that anyone can use your recording as a sound on TikTok. If you record a song on TikTok, it will become an Original Track. An Original Track means that only your voice was used in creating the sound.

You can create an original sound by talking while you film in-app or you can record a voiceover after filming

Here is how you record a voiceover.

After uploading a video from your camera roll, the audio will automatically start to play. You can adjust the audio by tapping “Volume” on the right-hand side of the screen.

That is everything you need to know about using TikTok Sounds. The key to remember is that using trending sounds in your videos is an effective way to increase your visibility and reach on the platform.

Regularly participate in trending challenges involving sounds on TikTok. To stand out, add a unique twist and creativity to the videos you create. When you consistently create awesome content, you will attract more engagements and followers.

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