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February 2, 2022

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How to Make Interactive Facebook Ads for Business

There are so many ads online, it can be overwhelming for advertisers. One thing that helps to get good results is creating engaging and relevant content.

Bogdan Klopov

Bogdan Klopov

How to Make Interactive Facebook Ads for Business

Facebook has 2.89 billion active users monthly. Over the years marketers have taken advantage of this. Facebook offers businesses the chance to place advertisements, knowing that they can reach a larger audience and promote their products or services. One particular thing about Facebook ads is that they are inexpensive. Also, anyone can place ads, you do not have to be tech-savvy.

Because there are so many marketers posting ads, it can be overwhelming for users. One thing that helps you get good results is by creating engaging and relevant ads. So how can you make interactive advertisements and promote your business? Here is a guide on how to create Facebook ads within your marketing strategy.

What Are Interactive Advertisements?

Interactive advertisement involves creating media content that encourages users to participate in or make certain actions. These ads come in the form of interactive content like quizzes, videos or images for online forms. Offline interactive ads include display windows. 

This form of advertising promotes consumer engagement which increases the chances of making sales. There is usually a way for customers to provide feedback based on the ad or share it with friends. Something that makes this type of advertising apart from traditional ones is the ability to control what customers view.

Why Should You Practice It on Facebook?

Facebook gives you access to so many people. So you can reach your target audience based on user interests. Interactive ads on Facebook also help you to build your brand and relationship with customers.

Types of Ads

There are so many types of interactive ads. Facebook is giving advertisers access to new types of ads, including AR and video poll ads. Let’s check some of the most used on Facebook:

  • Playables
  • Polls
  • Carousel
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Messenger

Types of Ads

Facebook Playables

Playable ads allow users to try out new applications. It gives users a trial period to try out a product. It is useful for games and any other apps as it gives a preview of what experience users can expect.

How to Set Up an Ad?

Set up playable ads on Facebook in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a matching video for your demo.
  2. Add a tutorial that shows users how to play a game.
  3. Add a CTA.
  4. Test your playable ads and see how many people download a game after a trial.

Poll Advertisement

Polling ads are among the most used by businesses on Facebook. That is because they allow you to target the audience that needs your product. Through questions, you can create a profile of your prospective customers. This will help you create ads that will target this group more accurately.

How to Set Up a Poll Ad?

Poll ads are placed on Facebook feeds. You can use videos or images for them. However, images won’t be as effective as a video. You can even put a link to a landing page for each question in the poll.

Video Options

Video ads have the best conversion rates. Actually, about 84% of buyers are likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. Adding interactive features increases engagement and thus sales. Videos can be used to encourage users to register for games or participate in a survey.

How to Set Up an Ad?

When setting up video ads, you can either use polling or gamification features. For example, gamification gives users the ability to win prizes by guessing what is in different boxes. It uses live interactive videos.

Polling, on the other hand, uses both on-demand and live videos. Creating personalized quizzes can increase user engagement. When you make videos that have trivia questions and sponsored ads, you can attract more attention and drive sales.

Carousel Ads

These ads have a combination of videos and images. They are usually used when you want to showcase different images at once. Conversion rates are high when ads are shown in this format. You can also use carousel ads to show different features of a service. By using an ad maker tool for carousel type, you can quickly create custom images and videos. With customizable ads, you can make beautiful and unique carousel content to promote a product on a daily basis.

Carousel Ads

How to Set Up an Ad?

Create carousels in the Ad Manager. Choose the objective of your ads and your audience. Select the carousel when selecting the format. Select the ad base which can have two or more scrollable images or videos.

Interactive Ads in Facebook Stories

Many people discover brands rapidly through stories. Facebook Stories ads are now used by brands because they can reach billions of people every day, they are interactive and great at engagement as people check stories every day. You can create traditional ads or videos for stories. You can use this type of content to support any objective for your marketing strategy.

How to Set Up an Ad?

Setting up Ads in FB stories is easy. Create ads using the Ad Manager. Select your objective and target audience. You can also select the ad format, which can be video or images. Then add texts including a call to action. Your ad will have to be reviewed. Once confirmed you can post it.

Facebook Augmented Reality (AR) Ad

If you want to give users a taste of what using your product is, then AR ads are the best option today. Since it was launched on Facebook, AR ads are becoming more popular among brands. AR technology brings a lot of value to the audience and helps you better showcase your product or service.

There are two main types of AR ads: people and world effects. People effects use facial expressions to interact with users while world effects change the background.

How to Set Up an Ad?

Use the Spark AR Studio, a partner of Facebook, to set up AR ads. You need to link your account to the Spark AR Studio. Then you can create campaigns and upload them whenever convenient.

To create an ad, upload an image or video. Then select the filter of your choice. Use the Facebook feeds to run AR ads. It won't work on any other feature. You can add text and even a call to action on the AR ad.

Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion users every month. Brands can take advantage of this by placing ads directly in Messenger. While these ads are like other ads on Facebook, the cost is less.

You can create any type of ad and users will see it while chatting with others. Once users tap on an ad, they will be able to view the entire ad and CTA from their chat.

How to Set Up Messenger Ads?

You can create messenger ads by using Ad Creation. Select your objective which can be traffic or conversion. Now choose the destination of the ad, in this case, it would be Messenger. Choose whether you want the automatic or manual placement of Messenger ads. Once you have done that you can add your target audience, budget, and frequency of posts. 

Examples of Ads

Silhouette Spirits Co runs their ads using Facebook stories. They were able to reach their target audience which consisted of males between 21-40 years.

Examples of Ads

Domestika is a famous platform with courses that is using carousel ads as an effective promo campaign. They included several images which showed different courses that customers could check closely and purchase when they click on the “Learn more” CTA button.


Final Thoughts

Facebook is a good advertising platform, for sure. A lot of people use the network so you can target many potential prospects through ads. The best thing is that there are different interactive types and formats to place your content. You can use videos or polling ads which increases engagement and leads. Carousels allow you to place many images or videos in one ad. Besides this, you can use Augmented Reality and playable ads to give users an idea of what your products are about. Users can even play games for free using playable ads. You can try one or several of these types to check what works best for your marketing campaign.

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