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June 27, 2022

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Top 6 Facebook Marketing Trends to Try in 2022

Looking for the next big platform to promote your business? Questions like “what should I do next?” or “how do I reach more people?” could pop into mind...

Nick Rubright

Nick Rubright

Top 6 Facebook Marketing Trends to Try in 2022

As a business owner, there’s every chance you’re looking for the next big platform to promote your business. Questions like “what should I do next?” or “how do I reach more people?” could pop into mind. 

The good thing is that Facebook has surpassed 2 billion active users since 2017. That means there is a huge potential market there to grow your business.

Source: Statista

But your competitors are also vying for these 2 billion active users on Facebook. To beat them, you need to find ways to catch your audience's attention. You need to hop on trending Facebook features to increase your chances of being seen. 

Here are Facebook trends to hop on this 2022!

Greater Focus on Live Videos

Even with the rising popularity of social video platforms like TikTok, 42.6 percent used Facebook Live as their second-most popular live streaming destination after YouTube. 

What does that tell you? 

  • One — Facebook has a dedicated audience.
  • Two — People are comfortable streaming a live video online as much as a pre-recorded video.  

So, if you’re looking for a sign to shoot a live video — here’s one. 

Live videos are a great way to hop on the Facebook marketing trends to boost your engagements. They humanize your brand and make the shopping and viewing experience personal and interactive for your audience. Plus, the feedback you receive from viewers can help you finetune your products, services, and advertising strategies.

First, choose a compatible live video streaming production software for your devices like Wirecast or SplitCam. Then, prepare yourself for live questions the audience might ask and answer them on the go. 

Optimize the little details, like adding closed captions as an option to your videos. Although Facebook offers AI-generated captions, you can upload your own .srt file for better accuracy. Including captions to videos will help capture attention, increase comprehension and increase average video view time by up to 12 percent

Take the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, for example. They use Facebook Live with captions for a couple of reasons, from informal museum tours to live openings and virtual exhibitions.

Source: Met Museum Facebook

This way, they engage their audience and get them to invest their time and presence when they finally have physical openings. 

Using live videos as part of your Facebook marketing strategy will create a buzz around events and allow you to reach potential customers with digital marketing. You’ll also save costs and time spent on making pre-recorded videos. Not to mention giving unfettered access to your fans whenever they need the saved video.

Ensure you create a style guide to help with brand consistency as you create your live video content. We’ll talk about a specific type of live video that deserves a section below.

Rise of Interactive Live Shopping

Facebook live shopping is one Facebook marketing trend your business should be onto. That is because it’s a real-time interactive way to sell products. You can directly connect with your viewers and attract potential customers with interactive live shopping. 

It also enables a broad audience to reach out to you without hassle. Your audience can simply ask questions, engage with you and purchase your products while you’re live. 

Here’s a quick video of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics having an interactive Facebook live shopping:

There's a "Buy Now" call-to-action button right on the video that viewers can click to buy the product without leaving Facebook. You can also see viewers' comments live.

Interactive live shopping lets you show your products in action, which is great because social media users value authentic content to boost credibility. This real content will get your audience to trust your brand and its products enough to generate sales. 

Personalized Video Ads for Best Results

Facebook lets you create custom video marketing campaigns in various formats based on your audience’s interests and social network connections. These personalized video ads increase your chances of conversion, as 71 percent of customers prefer ads that are tailored to their interests and shopping habits. 

Deliveroo has dozens of similar Facebook ads running, each showing different local neighborhoods and eateries.

Source: Karola Karlson

You can create customized ads like the one above with a creative automation tool. However, you’ll need to go beyond using the customer's name in the header (as you would for emails) and put together a selection of products and services that matches their buyer persona. Smart audience and other Facebook targeting options enable you to tailor your Facebook video ads to specific customer interests and persona, upping your chances of conversion.  

Personalized video marketing on Facebook also lets you target an audience segment with a similar interest or pain points in their customer journey. That gives you the power to advertise engaging and culturally-relevant content to an audience that is likely to convert.  

Moreover, now that Facebook Reels and Facebook Watch are steadily gaining waves with creators, you should consider leveraging their audience to advertise your business. You can do this by buying in-stream ad placements through self-serve campaign tools on your Ads Manager.

Mobile Device Optimization Is Key

Mobile devices are more convenient for the average social media user than desktops and tablets. That’s why 98.5 percent of users on Facebook access the platform via mobile. These astronomical statistics mean you must optimize your Facebook content to satisfy a mobile audience. 

Media formatting is the most common flaw in mobile ads. An image optimized for desktop versions may appear distorted on mobile, increasing bounce rates. But thanks to this Facebook marketing trend, marketers can use Facebook Instant Experiences (formerly known as Facebook Canvas) to create immersive and engaging mobile ads for their audience. 

This tool has loads of customizable features that lets you combine text, images, videos, and call-to-action buttons, all in a single ad.

Facebook Instant Experiences lets you create the best mobile user experience for your customers using custom or easy-to-use templates. The result is a faster-loading mobile ad experience for busy Facebook users, which makes it one of the important marketing trends in 2022 to look out for. 

More Engagement With Facebook Stories

Facebook stories as a social media feature are a great way to connect with your audience. These stories are visible on top of the Facebook app and are most likely what a user notices first. There’s a massive potential to turn this engagement into recurring profits in your marketing campaign. 

Facebook stories allow you to showcase your products and services to users immediately without them visiting your page first. It’s also an effective strategy to run ads and directly link to your website, hence, navigating interested users to your website. 

Here’s a quick way Instacart uses Facebook stories to create trivia games and questions on Facebook.

Source: Instacart Facebook

This Facebook marketing trend also has built-in creative tools that enable you to create compelling and engaging story content. You can further customize your content by showing behind-the-scenes footage or user-generated content to serve as social proof. Hence, increasing your credibility. 

Increasing Popularity of Chatbots

There's a chance your potential customer is in a hurry or wants a quick response. Because brands are aware of this, they leverage chatbots for faster communication on digital platforms. This Facebook marketing trend continues to thrive as businesses use them proactively to interact with their audience. 

The Wall Street Journal, for example, is known for serving readers latest reports and developments on the U.S Stock Market when they subscribe. But with a Facebook Messenger chatbot, readers now have access to breaking news right on their Facebook accounts.

Increasing Popularity of Chatbots
Source: Kajabi

The WSJ chatbot user experience is simple as it comes. You can type a company’s name as a message, preceded by the term “lookup” (e.g., Lookup Tesla), and the bot will deliver recent Tesla’s market reports and top news. Offering users the information they want pronto!

Facebook is also aiming to improve the messaging experience for businesses and users. Customers can make appointments through Messenger, and businesses can directly set up lead generation efforts within Messenger. After that, they can use the information gathered to offer incentives to buyers and answer future questions. 

Chatbots can also record user data to monitor your audience and purchasing pattern. Using chatbots is an incredible way to improve customer brand experience and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Wrapping up

Facebook marketing trends make it easier to up your social commerce game and connect with a potential audience. However, your ability to leverage these trends quickly and efficiently will make all the difference.

Create interactive live videos to communicate with your audience in real-time. Their feedback might even give you tips on how to improve your overall business. Live shopping is also an effective advertising tactic to build brand awareness and promote your products. 

Therefore, show what you offer and put out as many organic posts as possible. Use chatbots to streamline your work process and communicate faster with potential customers. Focus on content that resonates with your target audience for the best results. 

In all, adapting your social media marketing strategies to these advertising trends will help you achieve better results and improve social interactions with your audience across Meta-owned technologies. 

the writer
Nick Rubright

Nick Rubright

Contributor @Iconosquare

Nicholas Rubright is the communications specialist for Writer, an AI writing assistant designed for teams. He has previously worked to develop content marketing strategies for brands like Webex.

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