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Using DMs to Skyrocket Your Social Media Growth

This guide was made to light your path on your quest to build your following on social media by using DMs. 

Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies

Using DMs to Skyrocket Your Social Media Growth

It is nearly impossible to succeed as a business, influencer, or content creator without a social media presence. We live in a world of billions of social media users - it  has become the go-to place for people to connect with friends, or even to find inspiration. With such a large swathe of content, it’s hard to stand out.

This is why direct messages (DMs) are such a powerful yet often overlooked strategy. DMs let you leverage the power of personal conversation. Using it you can strengthen your online presence, or increase brand loyalty. This guide was made to light your path on your quest to build your following on social media by using DMs. 

Humanize Your Brand

People are going to ignore any brands that they can’t relate to or feel connected with. Marketing in the social media world has matured. The novelty is gone, and connection is all-powerful. Using DMs means you can offer a more personalized and human experience to your audience - answering their questions and striking up conversations is how to accomplish this.  This will not only make your followers feel valued and appreciated but also create a strong emotional bond between them and your brand.

Exclusive Content and Promotions

One of the biggest pros of using DMs is the ability to offer exclusive content or promotions. This is absolutely a killer way to incentivize your audience to follow (and engage with) your social media profiles. There are tons of ways to do this: discount codes, early access to new products, or sneak peeks at upcoming content. Create a sense of exclusivity and you’ll keep your followers glued to your messages and perhaps even loyal to your brand.

Influencers and Other Brands

Partner with influencers. They’re often gatekeepers in certain markets and can make or break your efforts.  You should also reach out to other brands within your niche so you can expose your content to a new and potentially larger audience. Use DMs to propose collaborations which could be sponsored posts or giveaways. Both parties can benefit if resources are pooled together.

Giveaways and Contests

Here’s where you really throw fuel on the fire. Giveaways and contests on social media can boost engagement and attract new followers en masse. Use DMs to announce the winners and request their contact information for prize distribution. Not only are you generating a buzz by doing this, but you’re making sure they keep paying attention to your efforts in the future.

Provide Support with DMs

Customer support should be personal. Respond quickly and professionally to any questions or problems your followers send you through DMs. In doing this, you prove your commitment to their satisfaction and gain their trust and loyalty. This can easily translate into more revenue. In fact, a recent study of medical practices found that 61% of patients were more likely to pay their bills after being texted a direct message with their payment link. 

Network with Industry Professionals

This can open huge doors for you. Network with other professionals in your industry - reach out to them with DMs in order to introduce yourself and express your interest in their work. If you want valuable connections and partnerships that will explode growth, this is necessary.

Connect with the Most Engaged Followers

DM your most engaged followers – those who consistently like, comment, and share your content. Thank them for their support and ask for their feedback or suggestions on improvement. There’s no downside to this since you’re not only boosting their sense of belonging but you’re motivating them to continue promoting your brand.

Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

People trust other customers more than they trust companies - this is just reality. Companies have a bias; they want to profit. Therefore you should encourage your followers to share their own content and then give them a shoutout by sharing their posts in your feed. This is how you build social proof. Social proof is also known as the “herd mentality,” or our tendency to believe things based on other’s actions. Reach out to your followers via DMs for permission to use their content. Be sure to thank them for it too.

Market Research

DMs can be an invaluable tool for conducting market research. People will often ignore a survey, but a DM has a much higher response chance. Ask them about their preferences, pain points, and expectations. Their insights can help you identify areas for improvement and/or tailor your offerings to better meet their needs. A good customer relationship management tool can be invaluable here. Look for CRM tools that come with features such as self-service and AI-driven automation to help you find pain points within your customer base and resolve them. 

Offer Custom Recommendations

Analyze your followers' interests and preferences and offer personalized recommendations based on them. This could mean anything from suggesting a product they might like, to recommending a blog post relevant to their interests, to sharing a piece of content that aligns with their values. Provide tailored suggestions. You’ll demonstrate that you understand and value their needs and increase conversions and long-term loyalty.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Reach out to potential customers who have shown interest in your products or services. Give them offers or incentives to encourage them to make a purchase. By building rapport and establishing trust, you can convert prospects into loyal customers.

Engage with New Followers

Send a welcome message to new followers. Make sure it’s a personalized and non-scripted DM. Thank them for their interest while you introduce your brand and then invite them to engage. This sets the tone for a positive relationship, increasing the chance they’ll remain engaged with your brand.

Address Negative Feedback

Don’t ignore bad feedback. It might be tempting to ignore them, but when you do, you’re missing a huge opportunity to turn it into positive feedback. DM followers who have expressed dissatisfaction and work together to find a resolution. This is one of the best ways to show  you genuinely care about their concerns and want to make things right. 

Use Chatbots

Chatbots can be a valuable tool for managing your DMs, among other things.  Set up automated responses to common questions while directing users to relevant resources, or even collect leads for further nurturing. Chatbots are second to none for streamlining your DM management and they let you focus on building deeper connections with your audience.

Announce New Content

Use DMs to notify your most engaged followers for any new content. They’re going to consume your content even more, and motivate them to share more also. You also make them feel like VIPs, which cannot hurt your efforts. 


Remember, the key to successful social media growth lies in building genuine relationships and providing value to your followers. DMs are a powerful addition to your arsenal of tools that can help cement those relationships. Make use of everything in this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your effectiveness on social media with DMs.

the writer
Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies

Contributor @Iconosquare

Worked on large scale enterprise projects and built compliance teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies.


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