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January 3, 2024

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What To Post On LinkedIn: Content Ideas, Examples & Expert Advice

Good LinkedIn posts are relevant, engaging, and professional - They should include valuable insights, industry knowledge, or thought leadership content. Get some tips and ideas to boost your LinkedIn content with our new article.

Andriy Zapisotskyi

Andriy Zapisotskyi

What To Post On LinkedIn: Content Ideas, Examples & Expert Advice

When it comes to professionally presenting your business, LinkedIn is a great option. (For 40% of B2B marketers, this platform is the most effective channel for lead generation and increasing conversion rates). Having a company page on LinkedIn as a digital representation of your brand allows you to build brand awareness, engage your target audience, and increase customer retention.

Once you’ve created your company’s page, added an attractive logo, and provided information about your brand, you may find yourself asking questions like, “What to post on LinkedIn?”, “Is it ok to share not only professional content but also our teams’ activities and achievements?”, and many others. These questions should be in your standard operating procedure checklists before posting content on Linkedin.

Keep reading the article to delve into LinkedIn content marketing and find answers to these questions. Discover engaging content ideas and various types of LinkedIn posts with examples, and as a cherry on the cake learn best practices from LinkedIn experts. 

Why to Post on LinkedIn?

In today’s competitive marketplace, social media marketing is a must for increasing your brand’s visibility and building a professional reputation. Collaborations with key industry players, ad campaigns, and, of course, consistently posting — only some of the marketing activities you can undertake on LinkedIn.

Among the main benefits of LinkedIn posting for business are as follows:

  • Increasing brand awareness and visibility
    Any business aims to grow and expand its audience. Publishing relevant, educational, entertaining, and inspiring content can help you reach a broader audience and establish strong brand recognition. There are social media schedulers to help you out with this. This, in turn, provides your company with a competitive edge.
  • Generating leads and boosting conversion rates
    Professional and educated LinkedIn users are valuable prospects for businesses. Sharing high-quality content, such as blog posts, infographics, and whitepapers featuring industry trends and best practices, is an effective way to capture the attention of potential leads and convert them into clients.
  • Maintaining audience loyalty
    In addition to attracting new admirers of your brand, posting updates, new offerings, and other engaging content can retain the interest of existing clients in your services and products.
  • Enhancing brand authority
    Sharing valuable and informative content that showcases your expertise is essential in social media marketing. Posts about case studies, successful projects, collaborations, and expert team members are precise content pieces for presenting your business as a professional member of the community. 
  • Improving SEO rankings
    Posting on social media platforms contributes to improving your website’s position on Google (search engines consider social media activity as a part of their ranking algorithms). This means that being active on LinkedIn can help people find your business online more quickly through search.
  • Expanding your network

By consistently posting, you have a chance to connect with influencers and experts in your industry and collaborate on great initiatives. Furthermore, mentioning your talented team members can help distribute your content more effectively and reach new audiences. 

LinkedIn Content Marketing: Who Needs It?

LinkedIn, as the world’s largest online professional network, is primarily regarded as B2B-centric. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn.

B2B content marketing is a long-term game, and LinkedIn offers a wealth of tools to help businesses play this game successfully. On the platform, you can create and share content that is highly relevant to your ideal audience. Moreover, with the help of content, you can capture the attention of professionals, including executives, top managers, and decision-makers, increasing your chances of generating leads and driving conversions. 

But what about B2C content marketing? Considering that content on LinkedIn primarily revolves around a professional environment, B2C companies can choose to present themselves differently. By sharing entertaining content, you can attract your audience, as such content can provide a break from the day and a moment of relaxation they need. For example, PUMA recently shared news about Borussia Dortmund’s exclusive PUMA jersey, designed by a fan in collaboration with PUMA.

7 Types of LinkedIn Posts

To keep your audience engaged you should use different ways to share your content on LinkedIn. You can experiment with various post formats and things to post on LinkedIn.

Textual Posts

In this format, words are the main focus. Share your expertise or thoughts on current industry trends, introduce new products, announce special news, and more. To make these posts interactive, consider using CTAs (Calls to Action) such as ending with a question, including a quiz, or incorporating other engaging content elements. Remember to craft a compelling first sentence to capture users’ attention and use emojis if they’re appropriate.

Visual Posts

According to LinkedIn statistics, posts with visual content receive 98% more comments than the average. They can include single-image posts, carousel posts, social media videos, GIFs, photos, infographics, animations, animated videos, illustrations, presentations, and even posts with memes. Using visual content is an effective way to tell a story and capture your audience’s attention rapidly. While such posts can be accompanied by a brief description, the primary emphasis is on the visual elements.


LinkedIn articles are in-depth blog-like content pieces where you can establish your company as a thought leader. Write about industry insights and your expertise, share tips and advice on industry-related topics, provide details about a new campaign, and post any other messages to support your brand. Create articles that your audience wants to comment on and share with their networks.

Note: LinkedIn articles are ranked on Google search results as any other business-related content, so ensure you use the appropriate keywords. 


Stay in touch with your audience regularly by utilizing a newsletter option on LinkedIn. Build a community of those who are interested in receiving newsletters on relevant topics and reap the benefits from it. When posting your newsletter, all followers of your business page will be notified about it and have the option to share your content on their pages. It’s essential to choose an attractive name, incorporate your logo, and provide a concise description for your newsletter. 

Posts Including Documents

Posts featuring presentations, documents, and PDF files are typically interactive and well-structured, making them engaging for LinkedIn people. Sharing reports and research by uploading documents and using @mentions to give credit is a good practice. Remember to give the uploaded file a relevant title and include an executive summary to inform users about what they can learn from the presentation. 

Celebration Posts

The world should know about your wins and achievements. Posting about project launches, congratulating team members, marking significant milestones for your company, and welcoming new members to your crew all contribute to a positive brand image. Create personalized messages and provide details about your celebrations.

Posts with Polls and Quizzes

If you want to boost engagement and gain insights into your audience, consider using posts with polls and quizzes. Ask clear and concise (or fun, if appropriate) questions to interact with people and discover their preferences. You’ll be able to view poll participants and their answers, as well as comments on the poll. 

Content Ideas for LinkedIn: Where to Start?

The key to success on any social media platform, and particularly on LinkedIn, is a well-prepared content strategy. Define your marketing goals, specify your target audience, study your competitors’ LinkedIn pages, and create relevant content. What content ideas should you implement first? There are four content ideas to kickstart your content marketing on LinkedIn.

Enrich Your Company Page

A company page is your business card on LinkedIn. It should include the official name of the company, industry, your company branding, type of services/products it offers, and a link to the website. The most crucial section is “About Us,” where you should provide a brief description of your business and all the necessary information LinkedIn users need to know about your company. 

Make Employees Your Content Driving Force

Your team is a valuable asset for promoting your content and enhancing the credibility of your brand’s services or products. Empowering your employees to share content with their own networks offers a lot of benefits for both your company and team members. This approach allows you to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and generate sales leads. In turn, employees build their professional reputation and feel more connected to broader company goals and outcomes. 

Focus on Video-Based Posts

The Invisia 2023 SaaS marketing report says that users prefer video content (95%) over textual ones (10%). Moreover, more than 54% of marketers confirm that video is the most valuable content type. Given these statistics, incorporating short-form videos should be a cornerstone of your LinkedIn content strategy. People want more video presence of the brands. In turn, you can use this opportunity to talk about your business, present your services, and get quick results with video posts. 

LinkedIn Post Examples: 3 Engaging Ideas

Present relevant, timely content

The digital world moves quickly, so it’s crucial to stay updated on industry news and trends. Share your expert insights on LinkedIn regarding the latest discussions in your field, offer blog posts relevant to current news, and provide up-to-date information to engage your followers and create a professional image for potential clients.  

Share personal stories

We know LinkedIn is primarily focused on corporate content. However, we also recognize that people enjoy reading about individuals. Humanizing your brand is another way to highlight the exceptional professionals who work there. Share stories about your team members’ hobbies, personal achievements, and aspirations. These narratives evoke emotions and bolster brand integrity and trust. 

Show your company behind the scenes

Every company has its unique culture. Showcase what sets your business apart. Invite people into your world for a glimpse! Let them witness moments from your daily routine, share workplace stories, or highlight your team-building activities. 

Content Marketing Best Practices from LinkedIn Experts

LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to present your company and engage your target audience. However, what are the best practices on LinkedIn, and how can you leverage them for your content marketing? 

  • Make every post a conversation starter.
    Encourage users to share their opinions in the comments and foster discussion on the topic.
  • Mix different content formats.
    Maintain a fresh and engaging presence by publishing videos, presentations, and occasion celebration posts. Using a variety of content types will provide you with clear analytics on what resonates most with your audience.
  • Consistent posting is key.
    Develop a content plan aligned with your marketing strategy and aim to post at least four times a week. This frequency keeps you connected with your audience, and they will eagerly anticipate your new posts. To maintain this consistency efficiently, consider using a scheduler tool that allows you to plan and automate your posts in advance. 
  • Don't overlook the importance of regularly analyzing your content's performance, gathering audience feedback, and adapting your plan to maintain audience engagement and relevance. Social media managers are crucial in executing this content plan, as they are responsible for curating, scheduling, and optimizing posts to maximize engagement and reach on various social platforms.
  • Talk about niche topics and employ relevant hashtags.
    To distinguish yourself on LinkedIn, focus on posting niche ideas that attract those seeking in-depth knowledge. For instance, use hashtags like #aiemailmarketing instead of broader ones like #aimarketing.
  • Quantity AND Quality.
    The number of quality posts you have helps you set aside from other content creators. Even though it seems like a hard task, seeking the help of a AI assistant in compiling a high amount of quality content is a useful tactic for many LinkedIn content creators.

These LinkedIn best practices can help you enhance your content marketing strategy and effectively engage your audience on the platform.

Mastering the Art of What to Post on LinkedIn

By understanding your audience, embracing a diverse range of content ideas, analyzing user behavior, and using best practices, you can craft compelling posts on LinkedIn that foster engagement, build your company brand, and drive meaningful connections. You can manage all these marketing things with your internal resources or collaborate with a LinkedIn marketing agency that can assist you in unlocking your LinkedIn potential.

Remember, whether you're sharing thought leadership articles, showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses, or simply celebrating your team's achievements, your content has the power to leave a lasting impression.


What’s The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn?

The best time to post on LinkedIn can vary depending on your target audience and industry. According to HubSpot's statistics, the best days to post on LinkedIn are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, while the lowest-performing days are usually weekends. As for the best times to post on LinkedIn, these time slots include 9-12 AM,12-3 PM, and 3-6 PM.

Using the Iconosquare scheduler tool makes the process of publishing your social media content much more convenient. You can easily plan when your content should be published, manage your media library, add tags, mentions, and even geolocation information. Additionally, you can review drafts and set up cross-posting. This tool is invaluable for streamlining your LinkedIn posting efforts.

What Makes Good LinkedIn Posts?

Good LinkedIn posts are relevant, engaging, and professional. They should include valuable insights, industry knowledge, or thought leadership content. Visual elements like images or videos can enhance the post's appeal, and it should encourage interactions and discussions among your network. Additionally, a well-crafted headline and concise, error-free message contribute to the effectiveness of a LinkedIn post.

the writer
Andriy Zapisotskyi

Andriy Zapisotskyi

Founder of GrowthMate

Founder of GrowthMate, an SEO agency that helps small and mid-size brands grow in SERP and generate more revenue. Andriy loves to mentor startups on content marketing, SEO, and networking with people. Running is his hobby and he enjoys discovering new places.


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