Emma Deshayes


Emma Deshayes

After working for several well-known companies and managing their social media accounts for many years, Emma decided to stand on her own two feet and become a freelancer.



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"20 minutes to have even better results because some of the data was not possible to collect manually"

Emma Deshayes

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Clients demand data - and Iconosquare delivers it to freelance social media managers

Saving time as a freelance SMM is essential. But you'll also be asked to prove your worth with data and results.

Emma Deshayes

Saving time when you are a multitasking social media marketer is essential. But, when you have several clients' strategies to work on, efficiency is even more important. Emma Deshayes is a freelancer, and like every freelancer, no matter the topic, her day-to-day tasks don’t come without a great need for organisation. That’s why she uses Iconosquare.  Emma is a French social media manager who has been working in the industry since 2016. After working for several well-known companies and managing their social media accounts for many years, she decided to stand on her own two feet and become a freelancer. Thanks to her expertise, she successfully got hired by several famous brands to manage their social media presence.

We took some time to discuss with Emma how Iconosquare helps her as a freelancer to better deliver to her clients.

Could you describe your missions as a freelance social media manager?

I deal with all the aspects of my clients' social media presence, which can include elaborating their editorial policy, producing their performance reports, creating their content, managing promoted posts, and even moderating comments and private messages. The objectives vary depending on the client, but I mainly get asked to help increase visibility, grow the follower base and improve the engagement rate. My job is then to work on all the aspects to reach those goals.

Why did you start working with Iconosquare?

As a social media manager in a digital agency and later with a nationwide travel agency, I had to prepare reports manually with the data provided directly by the platforms (mostly Facebook and Instagram). It was a very complicated and time-consuming job, and on top of that, scheduling was a huge issue because it was not offered by Instagram. I started to realize that I was spending too much time on those tasks, so the company I worked for decided to look for a tool that could do the more tedious work for me. Iconosquare was the one they chose and I have to say I was happy with this choice.

Why exactly?

Well, to be honest, when I started using Iconosquare it changed the way I worked. I quickly realized that I could save time on reporting, and was able to focus on other, more strategic missions. I used to spend half a day creating my weekly reports but when I started using Iconosquare it took me 20 minutes to have even better results because some of the data was not possible to collect manually . It was such a massive improvement for me and the team, so I couldn’t imagine not working with Iconosquare when I started my freelance career.

What are the KPIs and features you use the most and why?

I find it very handy to receive the automated PDF reports in my inbox every week and every month. Because they are so clear and simple, I can easily use them to prepare and send reports to my clients. I couldn’t imagine gathering and preparing the reports manually anymore. Thanks to Iconosquare I save 2 or 3 days days a month with this feature alone. In terms of KPIs, my clients are looking for the main metrics so they can check if they are on track with their objectives. From follower growth to engagement rate evolution, I have everything ready in the reports. It also allows me to see what the audience does and doesn’t respond to, which gives me the necessary knowledge needed to adapt future campaigns and also the strategy as a whole.

Do you have an example of a strategic move that you made thanks to Iconosquare data?

I am used to having different categories of posts for the same social media channel. I noticed that the engagement rate was decreasing in one category in particular, thanks to the data provided on Iconosquare. Having access to this information on the Iconosquare platform meant that I was quickly able to discuss this category of posts with the communications team, and adapt the content strategy without wasting time. With or without Iconosquare, I would obviously still have noticed that this category of posts wasn’t performing well at some point, but with the help of the precise data that was in front of me, I was able to bring the proof to the communication team.

Aside from KPI tracking and reporting, do you use any other features on Iconosquare?

I am using the Instagram scheduling tool because it is really the best I’ve seen so far. I still use Facebook Creator Studio for Facebook posts because it allows me to prepare my promoted posts. However, for Instagram organic posts, Iconosquare’s interface is really simple to use. It has everything I need to create and pre-visualize the feed.

How many clients do you manage on Iconosquare?

I am working with 3 of my clients on Iconosquare for their Facebook and Instagram presence, so I manage 6 social media channels on the platform in total and I am looking to be adding a 4th client soon. There is a real demand from the clients to have access to stats and track performance. They want to see that they’re achieving solid results working with me, and that the performance is on a good, upward trend, so they can, as an endgame, make money through social media.

How do you convince your clients to purchase Iconosquare?

When I start working with a client I always tell them that if they want me to deliver results I need to work with great tools and Iconosquare is part of them so this is a must have!

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