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May 25, 2023
may 2023

Schedule Your TikTok Posts From Iconosquare


You can now schedule TikTok posts from Iconosquare 🎉.

Upload your video, select a thumbnail, add a caption, and we’ll do the rest for you. You can also benefit from our AI Captions feature within the TikTok Scheduler.

April 4, 2023
april 2023

Dashboard Customization & Advanced Formatting for Tailor-Made Reporting


Build your ultimate Dashboard using our new customizable widgets, including text, images, titles and sections.

Export your Dashboard as a report and benefit from the new formatting options to change the font, color scheme and layout of your PDF report.

March 26, 2023
march 2023

Organize Your Posts Using Labels and Albums – Now Available for TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn


Easily categorize your published posts using Labels, now available under Content →  Posts.

Set up Albums in order to group your posts together based on topic, format, theme or campaign, then analyze the performance of those posts as a whole.

Opt for a Manual Album if you want to hand-pick the posts in your album. Or set up an Automatic Album, and we'll populate it for you using the criteria you set (such as date range, or label used).

February 23, 2023
february 2023

AI Captions


Inspire your caption writing with the help of AI Captions, now available in beta.

Tell us the subject of your post, your brand name, and your industry, and we'll generate a selection of engaging captions in the language of your choice. Choose the caption you like the most, then add it to your post in one click.

You'll find the AI Captions button when scheduling a post, just above the caption field.