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April 29, 2022

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8 Twitter Analytics Tools to Boost Your Strategy

Do you know if your Twitter marketing strategy is effective? How can you tell which of your tweets generated the most engagements in the past month?



8 Twitter Analytics Tools to Boost Your Strategy

Do you know if your Twitter marketing strategy is effective? How can you tell which of your tweets generated the most engagements in the past month? If you don't have answers to these questions, then you need Twitter analytics. 

For social media managers and marketers who want to see success on Twitter, you need to pay close attention to your analytics. Running regular analytics will provide you with insights to help optimize and improve your Twitter marketing.

Now, how do you get started with analytics on Twitter? 

That's exactly what we are about to look at. In this article, we’ll see the best Twitter analytics tools and the key metrics you should be measuring. 

Let's get started. 

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a leading social media management and analytics tool for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 

From engagement, impressions, content, and community, Iconosquare gives you deep in-depth insight into your Twitter strategy. On the overview dashboard, you get important metrics like the evolution of your followers over a certain period, average engagement rate per tweet, total impressions, etc. 

The export and report feature makes it easy to share your Twitter data with others. You can even schedule reports to be sent using prompts like frequency, recipients, and the next delivery date. Not only can you create performance reports for your account, but you can also create competitor and hashtag reports. 

Iconosquare also helps you understand the best time to post for maximum engagement. 

To better understand which tweets resonate best with your target audience, Iconosquare allows you to analyze the average engagement of your tweets grouped by type. For instance, you can analyze whether tweets with photos do better than tweets with links or videos. 

Combined with the analytics solution, Iconosquare has a great publishing solution for Twitter. You can schedule recurring daily and weekly tweets to be shared based on your best post times. For social media managers, there is also a collaboration option that allows you to share your calendar with an external approver. This makes working with clients easy. 

Iconosquare is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to manage your social media activities from Twitter to Instagram in one place. 

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2. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social listening and influencer management platform that allows marketers to measure the performance of their social media campaigns.

Keyhole’s Twitter analytics solution allows users to track any hashtag or account on Twitter. You can track any hashtag or keyword to see how people are using it and who they are. You can also analyze engagement metrics like reach and impressions, create custom reports for clients, and track mentions of your brand on Twitter from up to 5 years ago. 

You can track any Twitter profile or account using Keyhole. This feature is great for understanding how your competitors are doing and how their Twitter performance compares to your own. You’ll also get recommendations like the best times to post or the number of hashtags to use in a post for optimal engagement. 

Keyhole is great for brands who want to conduct in-depth competitive analyses on Twitter.

3. Tweepsmap

Tweepsmap is an AI-driven Twitter analytics and management platform. 

The platform allows users to save time and increase audience engagement using actionable insights. With Tweepsmap, you can measure the impact and reach of your tweets. The engagement dashboard helps you monitor your Tweet activity and also see your top audience demographics including gender, profession, and language. There is also an interface that shows you the best time to tweet. 

Tweepsmap also has an audience interest and sentiment solution. This solution helps you understand the topics your audience is interested in. This will come in handy when creating your Twitter content strategy. It also comes with an automated post scheduler. 

4. Buffer

Buffer is a social media toolkit for small businesses. It is a popular social media scheduler, but it also offers insights into how to grow on social media including Twitter. 

In Buffer’s dashboard, you can measure the performance of your Twitter content across multiple accounts. You can track key engagement metrics, analyze your audience demographics, measure individual posts and even hashtags

Buffer allows you to measure the performance of your boosted posts. You can also compare paid vs organic results of promoted posts. It also analyzes the best times to post, the best types of posts, and the best posting frequency to drive more engagement. You can build both custom reports and white-label reports; where you can add your logo, title, and description. 

5. Unbox Social

Unbox Social is a social media analytics and reporting tool to help improve the performance of social media managers. 

Their Twitter analytics feature offers insights into the performance of every tweet you post. You can measure the engagement and reach of your brand on Twitter. Unbox Social also allows users to capture information about their audience on Twitter. There is also a monitoring and sentiment feature that allows you to track what your audience is saying about your brand. 

Unbox Social also comes with a competitor tracking feature that monitors your competitor’s performance on Twitter. It allows you to measure how your audience perceives your brand when compared to your competitors. This is done by tracking your interaction data, your share of voice data, tweet and retweet ratio, etc. 

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management and analytics tool. 

The tool allows users to identify their best-performing tweets by analyzing metrics like reach, engagements, hashtag performance, and link clicks. With their Sent Messages Report feature, you get a more in-depth insight into the performance of each of your tweets. 

You can choose to use their reporting templates or create your custom reports. Reports can be created monthly, quarterly, or yearly. There is also a comparison report feature that allows you to measure your performance against that of your competitors. You can use their Twitter trends report to monitor the trending hashtags and topics across the platform. 

Sprout Social’s premium analytics will help you understand how well your tweets resonate with your audience. This will give you insight into the effectiveness of your current Twitter content strategy. 

7. Mentionmapp

Mentionmapp is a social network analysis platform that allows users to visualize their Twitter network and identify online relationships that they might be missing. 

With Mentionmapp’s Twitter network visualization analytics tool, you can visualize your Twitter interactions and find new followers you can follow or hashtags you may have missed. You can monitor the conversations happening on Twitter and see who the top contributors are. You can also search any hashtags and see how users are using them in Tweets.

The real-time network map shows the depth of your Twitter engagements. This will allow you to identify how wide your reach and Twitter network is. But if you are not familiar with network maps, the results can be confusing. If you can pass this initial hurdle, Mentionmapp is useful in analyzing any profile or hashtag and showing how they relate to other users on the platform.

8. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is a social media platform dedicated to Twitter analytics. 

The platform offers detailed analytics data on the performance of your tweets, retweets, mentions, hashtags, and replies. You also get insights on your audience and the people you follow. With the follower's report, you learn more about your audience demographics including their interest, location, and influence. 

Other features that Twitonomy offers include finding out those you follow but don't follow you back, monitoring tweets from your favorite users, and tracking your interactions with other Twitter users. You can also get and export search analytics on any users, URL, keywords, or hashtags while tracking your follower's growth over time. Twitonomy also has an interactive map that allows you to visualize where users have mentioned your Tweets. 

Key Twitter metrics you should track

You need to track important metrics to help you measure how effective your Twitter strategy is. These metrics will let you identify if you are meeting your social media goals. 

Tracking metrics will provide you with data that will help you to;

  • Better understand your brand’s share of voice
  • Know the best kind of content that works for your audience
  • Know the best time to post for the most engagement
  • Run competitive analysis

Let's look at the key Twitter metrics you should track. 

Follower growth

This metric measures the number of new followers you've gotten over time. 

Why it matters: A positive follower growth signifies that your content is reaching your target audience and they enjoy it enough to hit the follow button. And if your follower count drops, you will need to investigate why people are unfollowing you. It could be because the quality of content dropped, you are posting outside of your brand theme, you are overpromoting yourself, or you’re not posting enough. 

How to track: Subtract the number of followers at the beginning of a selected time period from the end of the period. You can also find your follower evolution and average follower growth using Iconosquare as seen above. 


Impressions are the number of times your regular tweets, retweets, and quoted tweets are seen by other users. It doesn't matter if the users clicked or engaged with the tweets. As long as the tweet is delivered to someone’s feed, it counts as an impression. You can track the impressions of just individual tweets or your overall account. 

Why it matters: If increasing brand awareness is your main focus, you should track impressions. It also shows you the potential for a tweet to get popular. 

How to track: You can open up a tweet to see the Tweet Activity. Total tweet impressions and average impressions per tweet are also available in Iconosquare’s analytics dashboard.


Engagements measure the number of interactions on a tweet. It includes all the ways someone can interact with a tweet, including likes, replies, retweets, link clicks, follows from a tweet, etc. You can track tweets individually or the overall account. 

Why it matters: A high engagement rate means that your audience finds your content interesting. This metric is good for monitoring community and brand engagement.

How to track: Like impressions, you can find the engagement for any tweet by clicking on the Tweet Activity. Your total Twitter engagement, average engagement per tweet type, and average engagement on impressions per tweet are available in Iconosqaure reports. 

Engagement rate

This metric measures the average number of users who see your posts and engage with them. 

Why it matters: An increase in engagement rate can mean that your audience enjoyed your latest content. 

Video views

It measures the number of times people have watched your videos on Twitter.

Why it matters: This metric allows you to monitor the effectiveness of videos. If your videos aren't getting views, you have to refine your video strategy so more of your audience engages with them.

How to track: In Iconosqaure’s engagement report, you will find data on your video views history. 

Top mentions

It tracks the tweets with the most engagements that mentioned you. 

Why it matters: Having more mentions increases your brand visibility and shows that your brand is involved in conversations happening on the platform. 

How to track: You will find your top mentions on the Twitter dashboard’s homepage. 

Top Tweet

This metric measures the best-performing tweets on your account during a selected time period. Twitter breaks down this metric by impressions, engagements, and engagement rate. 

Why it matters: Does your audience prefer tweets with videos or photos? Do tweets without links perform better than tweets without one? It's important to identify the kind of content your audience best engages with. Tip: If you are running Twitter ads, it's best practice to promote your best-performing tweets.

How to track: In the Twitter dashboard, the top tweet by impressions is located at the top home page under Tweet Highlights. In Iconosquare, you can take it a step further by analyzing your best tweets by tweet type. 

Profile clicks

It measures the number of times someone clicks on your username, account name, and profile photo.

Why it matters: Profile clicks show that people are interested in learning more about you. If you have high follower growth and profile clicks, it shows that your current Twitter marketing strategy is working.

How to track: You will find this metric in the Twitter analytics dashboard. 

Link clicks

This metric tracks the number of times someone clicked on the links in your tweet.

Why it matters: If people are not clicking on your links, it might be time to switch up your copy or try different images and captions for the links. 

How to track: You can analyze this metric by checking the Tweet Activity or in the Twitter analytics dashboard. 

Cost per result (CPR)

This metric is used for Twitter advertising. It shows the average cost of each relevant action that takes place on your ads. 

Why it matters: This metric helps you measure the success of your advertising campaigns. A high CPR means that your target audience is not resonating with your ads. It will be best to pause the campaigns and tweak them for better performance. 

How to track: Cost per result is available in your Twitter Ads center

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are different Twitter analytics tools you can choose from. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or boost engagement, these platforms will help you understand your data so you can reach your goals. I have also listed the key Twitter metrics you should always track, especially if advertising is a key part of your Twitter marketing strategy.

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