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November 30, 2023

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How to Use Social Media to Launch a New Product

Launch your product today with the help of social media platforms and watch your revenue grow in no time - Get all the tips here!



How to Use Social Media to Launch a New Product

Social media has been a part of our everyday lives. Fact? Yes.

As more people jive into the digital age, the use of social media platforms has become evident in their daily activities—when they eat, go to a new place, or even in just their mundane lives.

According to the Datareportal global overview of April 2023, 60% or more than half of the world now uses social media. 4.80 billion people worldwide are into social media; this translates to 150 million new users online within the last 12 months. 

So what about it?

The increased use of social media has become an opportunity for marketers to maximize their brands or launch new products.

Regarding marketing, customer service, sales, and building communities, social media has become an essential part of how businesses interact with their audiences. Companies use social media as a strategy in different ways:

  1. Marketing and Advertising
  2. Customer engagement
  3. Sales
  4. Market research
  5. Insights and analytics

If you are a social media marketer aiming to maximize social media to launch a new product for your brand, keep reading. You will understand ways to implement strategies on different social media platforms. 

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Appeal to Emotion

Getting the audience’s attention is one thing, but getting them to consider your product is another. 

Setting up strategies to capture their interest is essential, as it is a make-or-break factor in your sales. It’s a good thing that social media can do this by appealing to the audience’s attention.

Launching a new product and making it appealing to people is very important for its success. Not only do businesses need to make sure that the product meets the needs and wants of the target market, but they also need to ensure that the marketing messages connect with those people. 

How do you appeal to the audience through emotional content?

If you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level, you need to use emotional content that talks about their feelings, ideals, and experiences. 

Here are some questions and tips you can consider before proceeding with the social media content:

  1. Learn about the feelings of your audience: To connect with people on an emotional level, you must first know what they care about. What do they want, what do they fear, and what do they dream about? To get this knowledge, you can use polls, interviews and tools for social listening.
  2. Tell stories: Stories are the best way to get your feelings across. Write stories that take your readers on a trip, preferably with a likable main character who faces problems and solves them or grows.
  3. Don't focus on features, but on benefits: Tell people how your product can improve their lives instead of listing its benefits. Will they be able to spend more time with their family? It will make them feel better. Use those feelings to your advantage.
  4. Use emotional triggers: Some words can make you feel a certain way. "Exclusive" can make someone feel special, while "urgent" can make people feel like there aren't enough things to go around and that they might miss out.
  5. Be authentic: Honesty is important because people can tell when a brand is lying. Tell real stories and show genuine feelings. The more your material fits with the core values of your brand, the more accurate it will seem.

Create teasers

Teasers play a pivotal role in launching a new product on social media platforms. Using this strategy creates excitement and curiosity.

Starting a teaser promotion for a new product can be an excellent way to market it for several reasons:

  1. Builds anticipation and curiosity
  2. Generates buzz
  3. Engages the audience
  4. Establishes brand image
  5. Allows for market testing
  6. Creates a storyline
  7. Encourages media coverage

A teaser campaign is basically about stirring up people's emotions and minds by playing on their natural curiosity and desire to be a part of an upcoming big reveal. 

Different types of teasers you can work on

On every social platform you have, you can launch teasers to promote your new product slowly. 

There are different types of teasers you can consider:

Visual teasers

Images, videos, and GIFs are visual teasers you should try. 

  • For images, you can use vague pictures or close-ups of the product to hint at how it's made without showing the whole thing.
  • For videos: short, interesting clips that hint at the features or perks of the product without showing it.
  • For GIFs: animated GIFs can be a fun way to get people interested by showing them a sneak peek of something bigger on the way.

Social media teasers

Create subtle social media content using the following:

  • Hashtag campaigns: make your hashtag that captures the spirit of the new product or event.
  • Countdown posts: regular posts on social media that count down the days until the product comes out can excite people.
  • Stories: you can share brief views of a new product on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, where the content disappears quickly.
  • Website feed: you can add a social media feed on your website, aggregate your evergreen posts, and mix them with sneak peeks of the new product.  

Interactive teasers

You can increase engagement with your audience on social media with games and contests related to the product. After that, you can slowly reveal the prize or give it a first look.

Every teaser can be changed to fit the site it's on and the people it wants to reach. The key is to find the right mix between giving away just enough to spark interest and keeping just enough to keep people guessing.

Promote on different social media platforms

For the launch of a new product, it's essential to use a variety of social media channels because they offer many benefits. Every platform has its features, audience types, and content styles, all of which can have a significant impact on how well the launch goes.

What, where, and how can you post?

When you launch a new product on multiple social media sites, you need a plan that takes into account the skills and user base of each site. 

This is how you can use different social media sites to promote a new product:


  1. Make a Facebook event for the launch and ask the people who follow you.
  2. Hold a Facebook Live event to show off the goods live and answer questions.
  3. Targeted Facebook ads can help you reach people in certain groups.
  4. Put up high-quality pictures and videos of the product, showing its features and benefits.


  1. Add behind-the-scenes videos and time stickers to your Instagram Stories to excite people about the product launch.
  2. Use Instagram Reels to make short, exciting videos showing the goods.
  3. Put up high-resolution pictures of the object with engaging text next to them.
  4. Use Instagram Shopping to tag items and tell people how to buy them.


  1. For your product launch, make a hashtag and tell your audience to use it.
  2. Twitter will have countdowns and teasers running up to the launch date.
  3. Organize a Twitter chat where possible customers can talk about the product.
  4. Pin a tweet about your product introduction.
  5. Engage your audience and get comments on product features with Twitter polls.


  1. Put articles on LinkedIn Pulse about how your offering fits into the industry.
  2. Share reviews or feedback from people who work in the same field or as beta testers.
  3. To build trust, post updates and information about how the product is being made.
  1. Reach out to professionals who might be interested in your goods through LinkedIn Ads or direct messages.
  1. For business or professional people who might be interested in your product, make a demo page.


  1. Make a TikTok challenge that has to do with your products to get people to make their videos.
  2. Put up unique and fun videos that show how the product works.
  3. Use TikTok's special editing tools to make your product movies stand out.
  4. TikTok Ads can help you promote your videos to more people.


  1. Make a teaser and many promotional videos to excite people about the launch.
  2. Have a premiere for your video launch so that people can all watch together live.
  1. Create engaging titles for your videos using a YouTube title generator.
  1. You can post updates and interact with your followers on YouTube's Community tab.
  2. Put ads on YouTube before related videos to get people's attention.

Let audience engage

Engaging the audience is an essential part of starting a new product and can have a significant effect on how well it does.

Active audience engagement during a product launch benefits in many ways, like creating excitement and anticipation, increasing brand visibility, providing valuable feedback, and enhancing content reach.

One good way of increasing brand reach is through influencers.

A study of Instagram influencer engagement rates (ER) worldwide found that micro-influencers have been the most famous names compared to other levels. In 2022, the ER for influencers with 1,000 to 10,000 fans was 2.53 percent.

In the same year, the average ER for all the Instagram followers looked at was 1.9%.

Partner with influencers

Influencers have changed marketing tactics in significant ways, especially in launching new products on social media. Influencers are people who have built a large following on social media sites. Anyone can be an influencer, may it be of a different profession or someone who has an online marketing bachelor’s degree

Because their followers see them as authorities, know a lot about the subject, or have a close connection with the audience, they can change what those followers buy.

How do these influencers make their way into the social media world?

Influencers on social media can use a range of tools and strategies to spread the word about new products. 

Here are some of the most common and effective ways for influencers to get people talking about new goods and get their followers involved:

  1. Sponsored posts: influencers write about the product in their posts. This could be a single post, a run of posts, or a whole campaign to launch the product.
  2. Unboxing Videos: influencers record themselves opening the package for the first time to show how they feel and how excited they are to see what's inside.
  3. Freebies and Contests: working with brands to hold contests or freebies where the new product is the prize to get people to interact with and share the content.
  4. Exclusive Discount Codes: giving people who follow you a unique discount code or link that lets them save money when they buy the new product.
  5. Product Reviews and Demonstrations: giving detailed reviews or how-to guides on using the product and showing its features and benefits.

Social Media as an avenue for launching new products

As the digital age has transformed people's lives, social media has opened a new opportunity for different sectors. 

Social media platforms have made it easier to market brands through engaging content such as teasers, reels or stories, promotional videos, ads, and much more. Thanks to the power of social media, it is now easier to get a wider reach, build community, and even boost sales.

To sum up, social media has a lot of valuable tools for launching products. Businesses can run creative, engaging, and highly targeted launch campaigns that can significantly increase product awareness and adoption by taking advantage of these platforms' unique strengths.

Launch your product today with the help of social media platforms and watch your revenue grow in no time.

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Natasha is a content marketing specialist at FinancesOnline who thinks it's kind of fun creating content marketing strategies for SaaS businesses. In her free time, she likes spending time watching Netflix.


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